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August 2004

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Up and down

I was pissed off the other day, set off by what I had been reading.
Then there is today, where in the span of just a few articles, everything feels exciting, reinvigorated and there is hope.
It is wierd what woerds can pull at you.
Both of the readings have me thinking and wondering. Both have enthralled me.
The first was a little news article I read in the local paper about peanut farmers. And the article starts off with just the standard facts and issues, it begins to make some social and political comments but glosses over that ... and then at the end, says a lot about some people. Now the writer clearly has a nugget there... something that could have been polished and shine a little better. But still the truth gets across.
"Farming is a way of life. It just gets in your blood," White said. Droughts come and go. They wreaked havoc in 1970, 1980 and 1990, and White had to sell land to stay in business. But when times got better, he was able to recover.

"I've got a favorite piece of land I've bought four times," White said.

Its the human side of it that impresses me and amazes me. I don't know that I could have that kind of conviction and love for doing something. Something that is so very fundamental for us. But that only few of us do, understand and are raised with. The man is a farmer, you have to respect that.

After that I was off reading this and that and stumbled onto another article all about the upcoming Sci-Fi move, The Fountain. From the director who did Pi. I really liked Pi, and enjoyed that indie film. So I took a few minutes and read a really long article all about his newest movie, the why, how, the failures and ultimately the how he did it. What really made this one stand out to me was his insistance to make the movie, but not just a modern Sci-Fi... he was determined not use any computer effects and still desired to make a movie that would endure and push the genre forward, much like 2001 did. I am now pumped to see this movie this fall.

So far my day has been great reading.


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