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August 2004

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Trivia - (For Chris) Everyone can play

As Sarah stated, we did not screw up and lose points this past week, and still have a commanding lead headed into the final week. Though I imagine we can screw that up if we try ...

So because I know Chris would like to know how stupid we were the other night and which questions we missed here goes ...

1. Tallest breed of dog?

2. Worlds smallest ocean?

3. What does the following morse code sequence mean "....."

4. What is the closet yellow dwarf star to earth?

5. How many years did Rip Van Winkle sleep?

And the question we did not play because we banked our points instead of betting

To prevent an ice cream headach what does the ice cream need to avoid?

Our answers vs. correct?
1. Great Dane / Irish Wolf Hound
2. Artic Ocean / Dead Sea
3. End of Transmission / the number 5
4. Vega / The Sun
5. 40 years / 20 years

For the end Sarah was suggesting we should have guessed "some nerve in the back of your throat"
and the answer was the roof of your mouth ....


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