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August 2004

Monday, October 16, 2006


Who knows

A month... man I am lazy. or just maybe a little bit busy ...
Either way it has been a month, and of course a lot has happened. I do remember thinking of all of these great posts I wanted to write and share. Then I would happily sit on the couch , turn on the TV and all thoughts of blogging would fade away.

Though my past month has been filled with fun and adventure and some good stories. I guess one of the highlights came this past weekend.

I had just gotten back from a vacation in Kentucky, when I had to quickly jump back into work with a few presentations and to run a few programs for the office. And it was horrible. Some one asked me this morning how I enjoyed it so far, and I was a little too honest, because by Thursday of last week I was completely depressed and burned by people. By running the programs, I had in the course of just a few days learned a lot about people I didn't want to know, and they had been continually disappointing me. To top it off there is nothing I can do, except try not to be offended, maintain some type of relationship with them and move on. But it was depressing, and really put me off a lot of people.
Then a friend called and I decided to go out. It was awesome and uplifting. One of those experiences that just makes it worth knowing other people and not becoming a pessimistic hermit spouting crap theories.
So to the friends I saw this weekend, THANKS, I needed that.


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