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August 2004

Thursday, October 19, 2006


What I use to do on Wednesday Nights

Dance, Dance, Dance !!

Not kidding, though there was probably only one dance in there... not three. But three makes the dancing more dramatic.

You see, we had it. And by it, I mean the perfect bar. It wasn't just about the bar though, it was about the layout, the stage, the owners, the location, the band that played and of course the people that showed up.

So it was, on Wednesday nights long long ago, we, being a group of at least 4, sometimes as many as a dozen or so, would trek to Blues on Broadway for Wednesday night entertainment.
There was always at least 4 of us who went, and many times we walked in with 6 to a dozen of us. It was a good group too. Mixed sexes, always a plus. And we all got along also. Of course there was always a designated driver, who always seemed to drink a little too much (not me of course). And there was usually that fun ride home... many more exciting than they should have been.

Then there was the band. The local, every Wednesday night cover band. Blues cover band. D.J. Fats? I think. The band was 3-4 guys usually and sometimes grew depending on who they invited to play with them. But they were there. Every Wednesday night. So with the 2 constants of the band and us ... it wasn't long before we all knew each other. Requested songs always got played... favorites were showcased and new stuff was highlighted.
What was also nice... it just wasn't our "bar"... a lot of people called it their "bar", so there was always this ebb and flow between all the different groups of locals that came in to see DJ. So on a Wednesday night you could always count on a group of people to be there when you showed up to listen and drink.
To top it all off, the bar itself.
It was the perfect size. Maybe a little small on the Friday and Saturday evenings, but on Wednesday nights with 30-40 people sitting there was enough room to move around and even to dance. And dance we did ... especially with Daquiri Girl ... always dancing to Mustang Sally. It was just one of those places. You felt comfortable. You knew people who were there. The drinks flowed, the music played and you had a damn good time.
It was a good bar
It was good friends
And it was damn good live music ...


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