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August 2004

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A place holder

A place holder post until I can write another... which will be inspired by Sarah's latest post.
Until then ....TV!!

Awesome Shows ...
There is only one awesome show on TV right now and that is Battlestar Galactica. Where else do you get drama, issues of today, philosophical debates and not to mention all the robots and spaceships ... It is truly the best show on television right now. I think the suicide bombers and the torture by baby sealed it for me.

Damn funny, need to watch.
Venture Brothers
Reruns of Futurama
30 Rock
The Class
How I met your Mother
The Office
My Name is Earl

Stuff that has a shot to go pro
CSI - the original one, I got hooked during the reruns this summer, so it stays on the DVR to keep up.
Studio 60 - I enjoy how Sorkin writes and puts it together, it is just good TV
Hero's - don't buy the hype yet, they are still developing 1800 story lines so it ain't moving to fast
Smallville- Man, is the entire justice league going to show up in Smallville as kids? I can't imagine this show has much life left, knowing how it ends is slowly sucking what they have left out of it.

Death Bells Tolling
Doctor Who - I am trying to be a good SCI-Fi lover, but I just think this show never had me and never will. But I will keep trying for this season.
Gilmore Girls - I was a fan, I admit it. But the end is near, since it looks like this show is just waiting to be cancelled I am just hanging on to see how they wrap it up.

Wait till the off season
Rescue Me
The Shield
Stargate SG-1


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