Stepping Stones

August 2004

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Once again October is here. well almost over now ... but it is getting close to that all so big night on the 31st. Which due to the ole work week, looks like all the parties will be on Friday the 27th and Sat. the 28th.
I think I am starting to get it ... the whole Holloween thing.
I mean I remember doing that as a kid. I remember dressing as a punk as teen with the pillowcase bag to get candy. And I even remeber hosting and organizing Haunted Houses in college.
But when ever this time of year rolls in, I always feel so underserved when it comes to the celebrating. I feel like I have been missing something that apparently everyone else is getting... or just choosing to ignore. Maybe I am ignoring it. But for the next few weeks, at least until Nov. 1st and Thanksgiving decorations go up, irionically, I will be haunted by the feelings of the halloween that "could be" ...


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