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August 2004

Friday, October 20, 2006


End of those Wed. Nights

We were packed in there It was 8 to small table made for 4. Luckily we had gotten in early and gotten some seats. Because it was standing room only now. The bar was packed.

The waitress came around and we ordered a round of beers, though by the time she got back with our order, some others had joined us and we needed to order more. But when we asked her, she said they were out already. All the kegs were floating. So we switched tactics and asked for a dozen vodka tonics... She laughed, the Vodka has just run dry also.
It was closing night of Blues on Broadway, the band hadn't even started playing yet and already the bar was drying up... it all had to go.
So we switched again and just ordered a dozen gin and tonics.
Our waitress returned with the small pine forest we had ordered and completely covered the small table so we devoured the drinks to make some room. Fortunate for us, when we placed our next order she said all they had left was some port wine and differing bottle of scotch. This place was headed to closing fast.
By now DJ had taken the stage and started to play. Between the band, the crowd and people just trying to have a good time... it was a cacophony of sounds. It was great.
But the liquor was out, the night had just started and we were thirsty.
Lucky for us the tables we had snagged were in the back away from the bar buried in the main room with the stage, right beside the emergency exit... oh the beautiful salvation of the emergency exit.
We played a quick game of rock paper scissors and soon me and Trav were out the door to claim more beer. To return shortly through the fire exit, with a case of brew we stored under the table. We had to hydrate ourselves. Plus with others buying beer for a buck a bottle the case soon paid for itself, and we ran for more. The night was screaming along.

I don't remember much more than that, at least until the end.... the beginning is there, because it was the beginning and the end is clear because of where I ended up... but the middle was just a lot of fun that got all blurred up, probably from under the table...

The end was surreal to say the least.
I remember DJ closing the show. I remember all the standing, Clapping and screaming. I remember the owners saying thanks and saying it was all over, the bar was closed. That's when it started. I don't know who started it, but some one did. The crowd just didn't leave though... everyone started to leave with something. The crowd was taking a bits of the bar for memories sake. Pictures came off the wall... glasses got scooped up.. tables and chairs left the building, even those neon beer signs all disappeared... it was great fun to watch. I rolled out the fire escape door and into the DD's car for the ride home, only to find some of the bar filling the back seat. So the good trooper I am, crawled into the trunk and slept the ride home.
The bar had closed.


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