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August 2004

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Startin it off

Oh what a wicked web we weave when we weave with beer and taco bell. Or something like that.
I do get to console myself with 2 hours of college gameday today, so that will be nice. As for the rest of the day ... yea I got stuff to do, I'm cool like that.
Cool filled with studying, watching football, drinking with buddies, and a little more football. Not a bad way to start a holiday weekend.
I do have 2 buddies who are Georgia Tech fans.. and sure enough on a weekend, where they play one of their biggest games, I can't find either idiot to watch the game with... TECH MORONS!!

The week didn't turn out how I wanted, but ehhh. That happens. there were a couple of bright spots though.
I finished reading a book, a young adult fiction book... but the book did have the following line on page. 103, so I am guessing every librarian read to page 102 and said... it was okay ....
"She climbed down from the altar and unstrapped the bloddied unicorn horn she used as a dildo."


You are reading along, just minding your own buisness and WHAM, your eyes fall across a line like that. What gets me, is that an editor left it in. thought it actually spoke to the character the writer was protraying. What the fuck ever. I mean he has spent the entire book building this woman character into the proverbial wicked witch. Hell I think she is the main bad guy in the next 2 books also. So there is no need for that line, especially since there is no other mention of altars, unicorns or dildo's for that point. HE did it because he could..For that reason I like the line, just took me a while to get there.


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