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August 2004

Friday, September 15, 2006


Lesson Learned

It has been a busy week or so.

I have learned a few things this past couple of weeks. I have actually been working, and being social and being not good about doing anything relatively healthy. Which brings me to last night.
A funny and gross learning lesson.

In my profession, I tend to have to attend a lot of night meetings, to present, or many time just sit and listen and maybe get called on to answer a few questions. Last night was one of those sit and listen ones. So like most things that I need to be at, I always try to get their early, find a good seat and relax a little. Though last night I had to drive down to Montgomery to do all this. So I left a little early to make sure I could get some dinner prior to the meeting.
Now I like to drink. I enjoy beer. So when in Montgomery looking for dinner and a drink and an hour to kill before a meeting downtown, where do you go - The BREWpub of course. Not the best beer in the world, but they do have the best sauteed crab claws in the state. So I order up some and drank a few of the brewpub's stout. Pretty good dark beer. Typical evening so far.
It was the meeting that hit me. I get there early enough to find some people, shake some hands, and go get a seat. When I am informed it would be better to move to the front to see the slides better. So I comply and down to the front row, off to the side I go. And low and behold this frail, little black woman, comes in and sits right next to me. The epitome of a grandmother, complete with tick tacks she was handing out. She was very pleasant. Me on the other hand, after an hour of sitting and listening, I began to feel my tummy rumble and soon it was just a matter of time before my seat began to rumble. And it did.
I was in full on Old school Gulf War mode, and had an arsenal of stealth bombers out on patrol. Yea I bombed the crap out of Baghdad. My seat got hot.
At one point as I was gently fanning with the program, that's when sweet ole grandma glanced up at me. The guilt washed over me, I honestly felt bad for the terror I was exposing this woman too. But I couldn't leave... see I was upfront, the presentation was wrapping up and I was here on my clients behalf who was speaking at the time. The lights were on... all escape routes were closed to me, there was no graceful exit here. So I sat and continued my silent assault.
I can only hope, looking back now that this little old lady had some sinus problems or had lost her sense of smell, because if she hadn't... I certainly caused some damage.


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