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August 2004

Thursday, August 03, 2006


This may come as a surprise

I noticed I was not the only person who drove to work this morning, and I am guessing I will not be the only person who drives home this afternoon.
Also, I am not a mind reader. I don't know any mind readers and if I did I doubt they would ride along with me all day, to tell me what the hell you are thinking.
Since there is this great chasm of a lack of mind readers who can sit with you in your car as you drive around, automakers came up with this wacky idea.... they are called TURN SIGNALS.
I mean here is a device, that if used you can tell someone both in front of you and behind what you are thinking about doing in your car... specifically changing lanes, and turning.

As far as I know I believe currently all models and types of cars come equipped with these devices. Not sure on that though... because apparently most SUV's sold in Alabama do not have them. Because I know if they did and they are positioned like mine where your hand simply needs to move 2 inches to activate this device even the sloths who are driving can manage this difficult maneuver.. .considering they are not chugging a 64oz drink, on the cell phone or eating some food, because those activities never interfere with driving.
Maybe though in SUV's they are located underneath the passenger seat and therefore most drivers can't get to them easily enough to use them... that is what I hope... because otherwise people.... FUCKING USE YOUR DAMN TURN SIGNALS!!


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