Stepping Stones

August 2004

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Nail Guns ROCK!!

I was building a small house. Not just a small house in square footage, but small as in the small house from the insurance commercials... it was a house for little people, that a giant would live in. I remeber plotting the small pad of concrete, thinking how great it was going to be, building a small house, because of how few materials I would need and how quickly it would happen. Then as I started to build the house, I quickly wanted another room for this or some more room for that, or the ability to stand erect while I walked around the house, and soon this little pad was a sprawling little house. It all happened, I am just not sure when. Was this a 6 hour dream experience or jus the one 5 minute one that happens right after you hit the snooze. I can never tell.
I am not much of one to remember dreams and I think when I do... it is always the 5 minute variety, not the long drawn out vivid ones.
I actually know how to build a house, and I actually have tools. Though there is a little rust on them now, due to my air conditioning and computer screen job. I don't miss framing in 100 degree weather. I do miss that first cold beer at the end of the day. A day filled with a sweat and work and accomplishments.. tangible, touchable accomplishments, not a report to flip through, not a colored plan. Then again, today I think I just miss doing something different.
Regardless my report is still not written, and that is what I have to do today.


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