Stepping Stones

August 2004

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I like Days of Thunder.
But that is not my mistake tonight.
tonight's error in judgment was trying to get some work done. Well not the work itself, but the place I choose to do the work.
About a week ago I received a coupon for a free coffee at the local coffee shop, which also supports free wifi. So seeing as how I have a couple of essays I need to get written so I can apply.. to take an exam. (the rub, I have to WRITE ...4... ESSAYS, which are then evaluated to see if they will let me pay them money so I can take an exam, which I can then pay a yearly fee, to claim I have taken and passed said exam)
So anyways, I decided home is not where I should try writing, since at home, the TV, the computer and the stink of an unclean apartment all have a way of detracting me from work. Not to mention my stubborn laziness.
So I took my coupon for free coffee, I always love a latte, and headed to the coffeeshop to get some work done. I was going to be that guy, the laptop at the coffeehouse working guy. I didn't care, because I actually had something to do other than sit in a coffee house searching the internet. (Which I have also done... fun too)
So the coffee house is quiet. GOOD, I like quiet and less people mean less distracting, and I do have a deadline after all, next week so these essays have to be written.
So I headed to the counter and ordered my coffee from the highschool girl working. I made her break from the study session with her boy toy of a co-worker. Yea ,he was a tool, a love struck one ball haired tool. He was in trouble.
So I sat and got started on my essays cranking through a rough draft of the first two fairly quickly and then sitting back to finish my coffee and see where the highschoolers were. They were flirting with calculators. I had never witnessed this before but..hey whatever... young love in the coffeehouse.
It was when they went back behind the counter to clean up, the love/water line could be seen on this love struck puppy of a boy. How was it evident?
she asked him "So what kind of girls do you like?"
I don't think I have ever listened to such a long pause. And listening closely you could hear every gerbil running in every direction in the kids mind while he raced to catch an answer that would get him where he wanted to be. You could start to hear him sweat in that pause. He was underwater and sinking quickly.
I so wanted to pull him aside and tell him he was already in like Flynn, just turn the question to a compliment and roll.
He wouldn't have gotten the reference, he wouldn't have understood, and he had so many gerbils already running I am sure the compliment gerbil had already escaped.
HE eventually said something quiet and under his breath whispering an answer. She gave him a "huh" response and left to handle something else for the closing duties. It was then the proverbial door closed. So I shut down the comp and headed home to finish writing something...
He'll figure it out. Someday


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