Stepping Stones

August 2004

Monday, July 31, 2006


Wee hours

Laying in bed, in the dark listening to the fan whir, while the blinds move every few minutes or so, when it is their turn as the fan oscilates, suddenly hearing for the first time all the little strange noises that the apartment makes at 2 am. Trying to do suduko puzzles as my mind stops racing and my heart slows down a bit.
Generally I am never up to 2am anymore on a school nite. It just makes work all the worst the following day. But it couldn't be helped I had to finish the book.
The Prestige
A good book, a fun read all up until the last 10 pages where it scared the hell out of me. I mean come on you spend 390 pages telling a fun story, sucking me into this tale which for the first 390 pages was one part mystery, one part suspense and just some good writing and then in the last 10 pages I can literally feel a shock go up and down my body, while I try to finish the book, knowing I can't put it down and knowing full well all I want to do is to put it down.
I don't read horror books or scary books, by any means. I generally don't even watch horror movies. But this one seemed innoncent enough when I found it in the bookstore. But those last 10 pages were possessed.
And even now thinking back on it, the ending wasn't really that frightening. But it was really well written.


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