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August 2004

Wednesday, July 19, 2006



Snickering- A snide, slightly stifled laugh.

I do this a lot. The under my breath, rolling my eyes... thinking..."wow, your an idiot"

Being around family, I also tend to do this, a lot more than I should. It is a little chauvinistic, well not a little but a lot. It is rude. But I don't let them catch me doing it. But I do it all the same.

I think I got the biggest snicker out of hearing my relatives talk about their fears, worries and overall trepidation when dealing with the winding "mountian roads" of the Smokies. How high they were and fearful of living there, especially in winter. At one point I almost blurted out mean things. But I laughed on the inside, trying to wonder how they have lived all these years and never driven or gone any where that wasn't flat. They must live in magical places, where the earth moves for them.
Plus I was thinking about the Rocky mountains.. and some of the perilous driving adventures I have been on just so a buddy could get to a secluded skiing spot that was above tree line.

I did let slip the phrase tree line, during one such converstaion during the weekend, about the smoky mountians... my relatives didn't get it. They just stared at me, not really knowing what I was talking about or how it was related to their converstaion and when that happens... they just move on to where they were going. Where they saw mountains, I saw hills.
I couldn't break through. So I snickered and sat back and listened to their fears of winters and rains and driving in their "mountains".


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