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August 2004

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Rednecks, Reunions and around and around it goes

I went to Gatlinburg, TN
I did not like Gatlinburg, TN.
Matter of fact, driving south on 441 out of Knoxville into Gatlinburg scared the holy hell out of me.
Maybe it was the insane walmart-esque approach they have taken to churches... with the adverstising budget of Vegas. Maybe it was the dozen plus, year round christmas stores with the attached discount china shop. It could have been all the other stores that advertised items such...."As seen on TV" to draw customers in. But whatever it was, it scared and scarred me.

I didn't just run off to Gatlinburg for a weekend getaway. I went for a family reunion. This is just a story of pain upon pain.
Because as much as I enjoy family, being stuck in a cabin in mountains for longer than 12 hrs together is not fun.

Yea the bar was always open, but there were never any other customers....

But the reunion wasn't all that bad. very enjoyable for the most part. I did learn that regardless of how old you are, like some of my aunts, you can still throw temper tantrums, and pity parties for yourself... just like any good 3 yr old.

I have returned safely to my home. Trying to get some motivation this summer. And just when I had come to the decision of abandoning this blog and starting anew somewhere else, I get an email. A simple kind word. It is funny what can make a difference some days.

Thanks Helena.


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