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August 2004

Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Yea, today was tough day to wake up.
I think I had found the perfect spot in my bed. It all came together last night. The fan, the AC, the covers just so, the pillows just right, the mattress nearing its flip broken in just nicely. It was a beautiful sleep. Even had a good interesting dream to accompany the whole experience. I can remember waking up once in the middle of night because I was just so damn content I woke up to just realize how happy I was sleeping. It was a rare evening. But the alarm did go off. The day is rolling on. People are back, everyone is quiet and diligent today as they try to get back into the mojo of working a full day, reading email, listening to voicemail, and beginning to handle the newest and earth shattering deadlines and problems that always seem to magically appear the day after a holiday.
Holidays = too much down time for clients to think. A thinking client means = mucho email, mucho phone calls.. and the soothing answers of .. "yes, your right; were working on that right now; well have a draft for you shortly; We will get on that immediately" and all the other vague yes-were-working statements we can invent to calm them down and get them off the phone, so we can actually work. Many times I think clients imagine that we work while we are telling that we are working. Like were some sort service octopus, that is just a multitasking machine. But eventually they get off the phone. The calls stop. Then we can decide which fire is the most earnest or immediate and that is one we handle.

So, its Wednesday. The weekend isn't too far away.


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