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August 2004

Monday, July 24, 2006


Hate Comments

I got one.
You are just never never ready to hear, or understand that someone out there doesn't like you. But it is true. And generally you just go about your life never really knowing who doesn't like you. But every once in a while the skies part and there it is, that single ray of sunshine... I mean hate, beaming down on you.
Now of course the first reaction is who, why. And so you look. Mine is anonymous so all of the sudden I become a criminal psychologist, trying to understand. Observing clues, putting pieces back together to make the picture something more than the black hole that it started as.
Well of course, when someone truly hates you they just let you know flat out. I hate you.. and here is why. Those I have read and received also. There not nearly as fun though. I mean there is no mystery there. You know who hates and what it was that you did to make them hate you. Either you change or you don't, they change or they don't... either way life keeps rolling on.
Ahh but the anonymous hate is something else entirely.
Once beyond the fact that you don't care, you can actually appreciate the fact that you have touched someone... no matter how inappropriately, to the point that they send you anonymous hate comments.
But the sad fact here is I am just fronting about hate. The comment wasn't hateful just mean. But I still appreciate the effort of the anonymous id, they created just to say something mean. It does take more effort to frown than to smile.
(I hate that last saying, but when said with spite, it does make me smile)


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