Stepping Stones

August 2004

Friday, July 07, 2006


Friday Ramble

My apartment reeks of death.
Every evening they have gathered around, and performed their ritual. Sacrifing one to the great white god.
And every morning I wake, to find another spider in the bathtub.... waiting to circle the drain as hot death rains down upon him.

I freakin hate spiders.
I get it. They eat bugs, natural pest control and all that. But I still don't want to have to see them.

Fuck buddies. Not real sure I am good at this. I can fuck, and I can be a buddy. Don't know if it is going to work putting the two together.

Whats on TV right now.... new shows old shows, but there are 2 shows that are great. Rescue Me and Blade. Blade just started but so far it has been really good. The dark unfunny buffy, with a black guy. But it is good. And then of course there is Deadwood. I show I am really enjoying ...cocksuckers.

So maybe I hit the wall regarding my apathy. Not sure. I will try to be lazy this weekend and see what happens... controlled experiment and all.

Have been making drinks at home.... I have been making Long Island Ice teas... I have been getting drunk at home. It has been fun

I have a desire to do my little space here some justice. It needsa cleaning. It needs attention. I guess that all depends on how lazy I am this weekend. Otherwise it will wait until later.

Yes I said fuck buddies earlier. Time to see where that goes.


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