Stepping Stones

August 2004

Monday, July 10, 2006


Do you have a number for a good pig farmer?

It was done maturely.
The best split I have ever had from a relationship. Don't really know it can be called a relationship because it was so short lived. But it was fun while it was lasted. Right up to where she drove off. And all in all I am very happy she did drive off. Because I was already dreading having to ask her drive off.
The reason I didn't make the cut. She choose the guy who threatened her life. If only I would have said... "I love so much, I would kill you."
But thats not really how I roll. Killing takes effort. And to do it right, you have to plan... cover tracks.. and that is more work, before and after the actual event. It is all just too much for some one like me... who loves my couch. I mean I don't even know a pig farmer.


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