Stepping Stones

August 2004

Friday, June 16, 2006

Things I can screw up:

1. Deadlines, oh yea I can procrastinate
2. Any goal I set for myself
3. Money - yea I still haven't gotten the whole budget concept down
4. Relationships, wether they are with friends, family or significant others; there is something- money, booze, or even steak sauce that sets it off but there is always a reason for the end. The only answer I have found is time itself, and sometimes the answer is just never. I have been lucky in that, after many years generally things are forgiven, never forgotten, but forgiven. Life has that habit of moving on regardless of personal problems. It is in the immediate aftermath, you just want to curl up and die. It is later that it slips from your head, and then there are the days where it crashes back on to you. It sucks those days.
6. I can screw up a list


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