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August 2004

Friday, June 02, 2006



Its funckin June already.
Damn, I mean what the hell. 6 months into 2006.
Some days I feel like I have just had my head in the sand. Today is one of those days. Working my ass off on a project that feel through the cracks at the last minute. SUCKS BALLS.
So here it is Friday, beginning of June. There is a lot of work coming up, and not enough time.

Aside from work, I have embraced my sudoku addiction and hopefully will be burned out very soon. I have a new computer soon, so I will be gaming again. Which I am happy about. I have 2 groups of friends scattered over the US and it will be fun to play games, yell obscenities at one another and tell stories again. Those are the best parts of gaming.

But it is June... and time for a calm June.
Time to do something outside of work, maybe try to slow the passage of time down some how...
many comedians say I should move to their small hometowns, because everyday feels like a fuckin eternity. But I am not up to moving. Right now I just want to be
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious lazy. (that is some serious laziness)

that's right... I am going for Mary Poppins laziness


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