Stepping Stones

August 2004

Thursday, June 22, 2006



I have a few addictions right now, let me be honest with myself

1. World of Warcraft, yup I am currently running around in a make believe world and loving it. The game is awesome, truly.

2. The veggie chips that Smoothie King sells. I fuckin love'm. They are so damn good. Lately when I have been going in for a smoothie, I pick up a few bags, so I can have one now, one later and one after later... usually after later means, 5minutes from wiping my hands from the later bag. I love those damn chips.

3. Being lazy. If the first 2 addictions weren't enough this one pushes them to front... I am LAZY.

4. And finally because of the evil triumvirate of my current addictions... while sitting in my lazy boy playing a computer game, snacking on chips as a meal... oh yea, internet porn... The internet is evil, very very evil.


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