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August 2004

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


When Worlds Collide

I never heard the great cosmic explosion. But then again, I wasn't really paying attention either. It was there, it started Friday night.
I mean. I was just out for drinks, some pre drinking before dinner and then off to meet friends for some more drinking.... which would of course be followed up by going somewhere else for a few more drinks.
So Friday at pre drinking it began. I introduced two very different people to another. I didn't hear the cosmic boom. My leg was shaking and I was scanning the bar, I missed it.
The Cosmic boom, the worlds that meet, two friends from completely different backgrounds, going two complelty different places in life, meeting just for a moment at a bar while talking to me. It was a little ugly. The booze didn't help. They didn't fight at all, but ideologies were explained, facts expounded on, and the glazed over look took control until the conversation switched back to hair styles. It was an ugly Ayn Rand to hair gel ugly, conversation. It didn't work.
It set a pattern for the entire weekend.

Memorial weekend, wasn't all that memorial after all. But it was a nice three days off. Long enough.
Now comes the calm. For me June shall be calm. All I do shall be calm.
I have spent too much time, to much of May, being uncalm. Now it is the time of calm. Plus I need the calm because, it is damn hot now, and clam is required. calm laziness. Plus cold beer.


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