Stepping Stones

August 2004

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Bacterial Infections SUCK

Plus they cause you to not eat ... sucks..

I might need to get one, because I have been eating like a horse lately, and am putting the lbs on to prove it.

The verdict did come in from my mother. I was hit. Once again I am master of living room.
For whatever reason, I seem to always be able to impress the parents. One of these days I will get around to impressing their daughters. Then my evil schemes of world domination will begin. Until then I will take all the nice compliments I recieved about how wonderful I was from my mothers friends. Not just any friends, but the cool art/ english teachers that smoke pot, still hate the man, and are cool enough to throw parties where hot chicks show up, to show their beauty and flex their brains. It was a good party, and I ruled the living room. Unfortunately the living room doesn't get you laid.... but there is always next year.


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