Stepping Stones

August 2004

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



Its overcast and its Tuesday.
Man I was feeling like crap yesterday. Big and Nasty from the weekend, and the lack of doing anything I set out to do.. and doing a couple of things I didn't want too.
I did make it to a friends B-day party, and that was really nice. Especially the jello shots.

Some Monday blasted through, and I picked up a little steam both at the office and at home.
I was feeling better this morning, when it hit me, that I had completly forgotten about a friends birthday last week.
But on the up side, after ordering some flowers I stopped in at the coffee shop on the way to work. And I got flirted with.
How do I know, being the most obtuse when it comes to signals from women. I got upsized and an extra shot for free. Not a bad way to start a tuesday.
So heres to Tuesdays and what it might be ...


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