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August 2004

Wednesday, May 03, 2006



Here it comes, the fastest 2 minutes in sports.
One of the best weekends to be alive.
Spring is here, The bourbon flows and the horses run. It doesn't get much better than the Derby.
Once again it is time to head to Louisville for the annual family and friends Derby parties and the all night drink-a-thon.
A nice fact about Louisville, when they have big events like this, they suspend many of there blue laws to allow bars to stay open all night. It's a lot of fun.

Not to mention all the family and friends and the food and the bourbon, and the gambling. Always the gambling.
This year there are 20 horses currently in the Derby. Who knows how many will scratch before the race, but damn another year of such a packed field, picking a winner is just damn tough. I am forced to bet on a few horses, hope one comes in just so I can break even. This year we are currently planning on actually going to the infield to watch the race, but with the rain, muddy track and a fifty dollar ticket to get into the woodstock area of the horsepark.. we might just pass, and instead head straight to some of the bars.
Who knows.

I do know I will be drunk... a lot. I will probably walk in Sunday morning around 7 am like last year, hop in my uncles car and head home, sleeping all the way.


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