Stepping Stones

August 2004

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Popping Alleve

My dread is disappating.
Could be because I took some advice, and have been slowly getting my shit together. That always helps. Could also be that even though my neck is still in pain I have been going to the gym and half assing it, by only doing spin classes. But damn my neck still hurts. Hurt when I tried to look up and around the class to see all the beautiful women... but I managed a few good painful glances. Thanka teach.

As for the game last night. Good for Florida, Good for a Pitino boy, Good for the SEC. Good for UK, why good for UK, well, UK holds every major winning record in NCAA nasketball as a team except for one... number of national titles.... UCLA has 11, UK has the second best with 7. We are still in striking distance of that record, and that brings a smile to the fanatic in me.


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