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August 2004

Wednesday, April 19, 2006



Crap ... Where did Wednesday come from.
I read other blogs and see posts about education, opinions, attitudes and long held beliefs. And I have to say I wouldn't mind writing some thing like that. Something that had a little meaning to it. I mean I have to do some kind of writing, my favorite writer is about to die and is not even going to be able to finish writing my favorite series .... this sucks because I have invested over 10 years in hanging on and keeping up with this shit, 10 years and 11 books, to have the bastard die while writing the 12th and final one...
Well he might not die, but there is a damn good chance and I'm a pessimist at heart. (were all going die, just like the little boy wrote)
Crap!! where did wednesday come from, its only wednesday and I can already see that I am going to have to work the weekend.
Again I feel like crap, because I think I do have something to say, but I'm too damn tired to say it. I'm too damn tired to try to formulate what is I want to say, because fuck opinions, its all about decisions and imagination. Education is for Decisions and Imagination. Nothing else matters. There is an actuall thought behind that... but damn it, Wednnesday is here, the day has started, started wrong and is getting wronger every wrongness that happens.
I would like to be Leo Szilard this morning and sit in my bath tub.... but I don't have the education to be that imaginative, I don't have the education to be able to make that decision. But thankfully some people do.


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