Stepping Stones

August 2004

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Friday night HighSchool fun

I am pretty lucky that I know some very smart women.
I went out last night, and I didn't meet any new smart women.
Matter of fact I meet some cool people, some wierd people, a drag queen, a want a bee drag queen, a 19 year old moron, an to top it all off a crazy lady. Oh yea... she was and is nuts. The kind of nuts that is funny at first... due to the amount of alcohol consumed, then the kind of nuts that worries you and finally just pisses you off because you have to keep listening to it.
Not to mention being yelled by a 19 year old who was worried that, while wieghing in at an astounding 40 lbs. and being 6 feet tall, she wasn't going to get drunk off 2 Miller Genuine Draft Lights .... Yea, I ignored her. It was easy to ignore when the crazy girl is having constant fits of OCD moments and future predictions of evil omens.
The good parts were there though. I got to hang out with Sarah and that is always fun. No matter who is else is hanging on. Or yelling at us to take her to her car, in between reciting license plate numbers.


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