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August 2004

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Trivia kept me in bed

There are those mornings where getting up to go to the gym is impossible. Such as after a night of playing trivia and drinking beer and eating wings. It was just too tough to get up and be motivated. So on days such as this, I take a long lunch, and try to motivate myself to go to the gym then. It actually worked today. So I started off with a little running, and while doing so had a wonderful view of the exercise class while they worked out in front of me. Now this was no ordinary class. This was entertainment supremo. I have never had try to run a treadmill and laugh at the same time, but it is a great workout.
There were a total of 5 women spread out across the entire room, watching the male instructor. All I could hear through the glass was him shouting this or that at them, and then he turned the music on. Thats when at first glance I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then I slowly realized he was serious and these women were doing the same thing.
He didn't start slowly he just started and yelled at them to catch up.
He jumped, he kicked, he pranced left, he pranced right, he jumped, he jumped, he jumped. He kicked, he kicked, he kicked. He looked like one of those toys on a string, that you pull and all their body parts start flailing widly ... except his was choreographed to music.
I laughed..
It was funny to watch. I am sure those women got a great workout. I sure did from just the entertainment of it all ... Though there was always the fear that he wasn't actually exercising but having a seizure of some kind...
I think they have medication for that now.


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