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August 2004

Thursday, March 30, 2006


A month in

I've been 31 for about a month now. And for whatever reason this morning, I was thinking that when my father was about a month into being 31, I came along. His first born. Of course when I think of my father it is always the older, wiser, strong man he was. I have a hard time picturing him as a 31 year old punk, who doesn't know the answer but hey ... this just happened and were on the ride so lets enjoy it, kind of guy. I am sure he was. we all grow through that. And so this morning I was thinking about what he was doing when he was 31. Trying to be a professor, having a new baby, and a new wife... making it all work. They even lived in South Carolina at the time.
Thats what I thought about as I scarfed down breakfast in the car singing along to some Harry Connick, trying to get to work, just for a minute or two of alone time before everyone else gets in and the ride begins for the day.

Update from mom -
You're right . By
March of '75 we were just settling into our first
house in Orangeburg. Still a rental, but a darling
house. He was in his first job at Claflin College as
an Ass. Professor- in fact, prior to that, at
Thanksgiving holiday he had to go back to UK. To
defend his dissertation-the last step before
officially receiving his degree. March was a good
month for us. everything was so new to us-It was
springtime,you were a doll and I could stay home and
take care of you.


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