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August 2004

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I Got a new Friend, I'm still a jackass

And it is not a crack rock.
It is a 40 year old father of 3 though. Not sure which is worse.
So the new guy started this week. We are still very very busy.
Due to the business around here and the other two bosses ability to leave the room constantly. It has been just me and the new guy. So he has been talking my ear off, and following me around the office like a puppy dog.
Hopefully this shit is only going to last this week.
Plus next week, since I am gone all week, when I get back he better be trained and working on something... something other than stopping me from being productive.

So I was a jackass last night. I completly forgot to invite W, sorry about that. My bad.
Though J, C and I still went to trivia and did mighty mighty fine. We ended up tied for second going into the last question, and then had a 3 consecutive tiebreakers, until we lost, but still claimed thirdplace and a little parting gift. It was a good night though. Lots of fun, beer and wings. Good times.

Well hopefully I will be able to get some more posting in before my vacation and St. Patty's day coma. This year I will be in Hilton Head for a few days, then Savanna for the St. Patty day weekend. It will be a liver killin good time. I am stoked.
And yes I am trying to wrangle up someone to sit in for me for a week, because... well I enjoy his writings, he is a friend of mine and I like my little blog.


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