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Monday, March 13, 2006


The Great Dog Caper

So, I am going to cheat a little bit and back-blog a couple of days. In my defense, I sort of forgot how to log into Batonga’s Blog and I so didn’t want to come into work to get the directions over the weekend. Besides, if I am sneaky about it, Batonga will never know the difference. I did write a couple of posts though. Turns out there is no shortage of topics that I can ramble on about these days. My life has been pretty busy over the last little bit. Mostly in a good way though.

First off, I will pretend that you all care what has happened in my life for the past year or so that it has been since I was last the guest host of this program. I am still dating the same girl, which makes it about 18 month. That puts her as my longest relationship ever by about 15 months. It scared me a bit for a while, but I am pretty cool with it now and I am happy with how that is going. I quit an old job and started a new one. I think most people are pretty capable of switching jobs with some regularity and have it not seem like that big of a deal. I was at my last job (my first real job) for almost 7 years, which is pretty much an eternity. The funny thing about it is that my last place of employment has pretty much fallen apart since I left. No less than 10 people have left since the new year and many of them were pretty clearly the future leadership of that firm. Really crazy. Finally, I got a dog. She is a puppy... will be nine weeks old on Tuesday and it was like a dream to have her. And by dream, of course, I mean that it was a nightmare unlike any I have ever experienced. I’ll preface this story by letting you all know that I am fully aware that I went completely and totally insane over the course of three days and all I can say is that I acknowledge that fact and I apologize, but it happened and I am simply relaying the facts like any good reporter.

So I get an email “this adorable cute gorgeous puppy needs a good home... don’t be so selfish all the time and think about someone else”. You’ve gotten these emails, right? Anyway, there were pictures, so I looked at them. I was intrigued, so I called. There were 4 puppies to pick from. The mom is a yellow lab named Maggie. The father is at least somewhat in question, but, the dog I picked could have passed for full-blooded black lab any day. What do I care anyway, right? I just wanted a dog. So off I go on a Friday. I leave work a little early and go to pick up my girlfriend who is at a hair appointment. I should have known when she called me at least 4 times to tell me she was going to be another 15 minutes that things were not going to go well. Then Traffic was absolutely awful, so I ended up steaming over that a little bit, but we get there, we look at the puppies, we decide to mull it over for the night and get back to her in the morning. The next day, I’m in. I go to Target and just start buying dog stuff. Food, toys, pee pads, doggy bowls... the whole deal. Great, right? Then we go get the dog in the afternoon and it was the last happy moment I had for the next three days. I pretty much walk in the door with this puppy and I start flipping out. I could have been in a padded cell. First off, she is all biting at the power cord of every electrical device that is plugged in at my house... so I guess I should be grateful that she didn’t just die. Then she is nipping at plants and at furniture and at pants (all stuff you expect from a puppy) and I am sort of okay with all of that, but it is adding to the stress.

She mostly does pretty well with the bathroom stuff. I take her out just about every hour and she does her thing pretty well. I reinforce this with treats and etc. I have a brother who lives with me, so he is sort of sharing in the responsibilities. The big thing, though, is that you have to watch her all of the time, and it becomes apparent that my brother is not so much interested in that being his responsibility. So things are sort of okay, but maybe not going as well as I like... Then comes the night time. I am a light sleeper and puppies freshly ripped from their mothers whine. A lot. And that’s before they start crying. And they do that a lot too. And all of that precedes the all out wailing, and they do that a lot also. The first two I was prepared for, the second I was not. I didn’t really sleep. Which in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal, but my brother doesn’t sleep either, and two grumpy brothers in my family is like sticking two male bears in a cage with a female in heat... not pretty. So the stress level is pretty unbearable. And then my sister gets into town for her visit. My sister and I are very close, so this isn’t an issue, but my niece is sick and crying and after about an hour of the puppy trying to play with her she announced loudly that she didn’t like dogs anymore. Then the reality of the situation hits me... I am in a profession where it is difficult to get out at a decent hour and its going to be impossible for me to care for a dog that has to go to the bathroom every hour and without a brother committed to crate training her, this just is not going to work. So, Monday afternoon, two days after I adopted her, I took little Roxy back to her owner in hopes that she will find another family to take care of her.

I am not afraid to admit that I was pretty torn up about all of this and that taking her back was one of the harder things I have had to do. It also gave me a whole lot of respect for single mom’s. That’s a hard job and to have to do that job and also do an actual job... more than I think I could handle.
That’s right... my first post in a year and I complain. Whatever. There is fun stuff to come.


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