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August 2004

Monday, March 13, 2006


Feile Franklin!

Formerly known as "Brews, Stews and Cruise", Feile Franklin is basically Franklin, Tennessee’s version of a St. Patrick’s day parade. Well... without the parade. They block off two blocks of downtown Franklin and for $30 you get to try 20 different beers and whiskeys. Pretty great, right? It gets better, though. The weather was absolutely perfect. Did I go? Of course I went. The only downside is that some of the beer samples were pretty standard. One of them was Amstel light. Double-u tee ef? Still, there were lots of kids dancing around without moving there arms and lots of people yelping along with fiddles and pipes. It was great fun.

When we got tired my girlfriend and I retired to go hang out at Gay Brian’s house. Gay Brian is a great guy. We sat outside his little apartment and visited with him and his neighbor Kara. We just sat and drank and bull sh*tted about nothing in particular.

How great are those first few nights when the temperature has been cold and then all of a sudden it is just perfect outside and you want nothing more than an excuse to stay outside as long as you can.
I guess I can’t make any guarantees about the weather, but around St. Patrick’s day next year, think about Franklin for a good time.


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