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August 2004

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Dream Day

Today is going to be stellar. The morning was good. Slept a little late. Ran about 3 miles (a truly miserable 20 minutes, but I felt good afterwards). Went to get "breakfast" at about 11:00, but ended up eating a sandwich. We went to Bread and Company which is one of those awful, fake little suburban bakeries that make sandwiches and what not. I loved it.

That's just the start, though. In a little while I am going to leave to go to some bar or another to watch some NCAA basketball. Should be there long enough to watch one whole game, after which I will be rushing over to the Gaylord Entertainment Center (the GEC) to watch the Calgary Flames visit the Nashville Predators. I know, hockey isn't everyone's thing, but I love it. Being originally from up north, it is sort of engrained in me, but nonetheless, I have a couple of local buddies that I have corrupted into enjoying this crap with me. My favorite part, though, is that we are getting to where it looks like the Predators are a playoff contender, and possibly a threat to do something significant in the playoffs, so now we are talking about playoff tickets. How great is that! Tonight's game is totally going to be that playoff atmosphere too. These two teams are neck and neck in the standings and they don't exactly play nice with each other.

Speaking of playing nice... a guy named Donald Brashear (a goon in his own right, but clearly got famous through his being the recipient of a truly wicked stick-slash to the head at the hands of an old goon named Marty McSorley) was quoted recently as saying, "The new NHL is gay. You can't do anything or get away with anything anymore." Probably not all that P.C., but then, you gotta love a guy who is passionate about something and chooses to speak out about it. I sort of like the new NHL, but then, I do miss the occasional fight.


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