Stepping Stones

August 2004

Friday, March 24, 2006


Dickey V's heart exploded last night

I needed the smoke.
I have tasted it before but damn a beer did sound good last night. So with a fleece jacket in tow, I walked into an overcrowded smokey bar, that was pumping out 2 dollar drafts while sports from around the world played on different TV's. The jacket still smells.

I saw DUKE LOSE!!! I am happy.
No Duke, No Kansas, No North Carolina ... only thing better, would have been if Kentucky could have stayed in. Ahh to be a UK fan ... Hate Duke, Hate Kansas and Hate North Carolina... everybody else is just fodder for the win column.

So I joined Skillzy last night and his buddy, for some brews, games, smoke, and some greasy food. It was great. The only protest I had was the scale this morning that should the gain from last night. Though I am pretending it is muscle mass... I have a lot of muscel mass.


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