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August 2004

Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Certian shows resonate.
The Shield is a good show.
Last years season was weak, Glen Close just didn't do enough as a captain. She was good, but the stories just were not that engaging.
This year... much better.
Especially since Forest Whittaker came on board as an IAD officer. Good season.
But it is the latest episode that got me, because.. well it was sunday.
This past Sunday.
A sunday filled with nothing but me doing nothing, celebrating a weekend of not thinking about work, while I woke up early... and watched movie, after movie after movie. Plus a few more movies just for good measure. One of the movies I watched was from DVD collection Serenity... again. And sure enough, the last episdoe of the shield had Gina Torres (Zoe) playing a mentally deranged ex wife, claiming rape.... Now this is were the character comes in, because you get so use to seeing one person play that character, the moment they step out, it is so hard to imagine them as someone else. So from the moment she came on screen, I was putting down the episode, claiming fraud... Zoe, would never be rapped, and if someone tried, there would be bloody remains for the cops to take evidence from
But pleasantly by the end of the episode, she was great.
She really was a deranged ex wife, reaching out in harmful and childish ways to try and reclaim a lost love and life.
She did her shit good.

Other movies watched, Four Brothers, HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy, Stark Raving Mad, Avengers, Garden State, Band of Gypsy's, Dune.


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