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August 2004

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today has been a little surprising. Nice but surprising.
Work has been work of course. But this morning I had a fun encounter, fun for me anyways, And I received two compliments.
The Fun encounter happened in the pool this morning swimming laps, when I was forced (well I jumped up with glee), seeing the hot girl, that was going to have to share a lane with me for the morning workout. Of course, trying to make small talk while swimming laps is not advised. I snuck in a few "hey, how you doing" ... and what not, but otherwise just counted myself lucky, shut up and swam while I tried to figure out where I was in workout. Not really sure if I completed all my sets or just got pruny. I think more pruny than anything.

After the swim, as I was heading into the gym for weights and such, one of the guys stopped me and asked if I was training for a triathalon. I took it as a compliment, said no and went on to my workout.

Upon getting to the office, one of the many beautiful women we have working here, passed me in the hall for coffee and said I was looking good this morning. Instant chubby. It was a very nice way to start the day.

Besides that stuff... I have been thinking again. The introspective kind. The kind I actually use this space for time, to time. What struck me today is how... if I lived in LA or somewhere fancy like that, where there were lots of people with "big" names, I would be the crass, name dropper guy. I catch myself even here, trying to "drop" facts in conversations... stuff that is above and beyond the question, just so I can say it and have it out there, like I am looking for some kind of respect for it or something. One of those habits I need to work on. One of those I need to watch.
Good, enough Introspection ...


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