Stepping Stones

August 2004

Friday, February 03, 2006



Taxes ... done
I mean what the fuck... I hate tax season, damn well better directly deposit my whopping $134.00 combined state and federal refund.

Desk ... cleaned off.
I can't stands no mo. My damn desk was just piles of papers. Filed, cleared, organized and now I can continue working on the next few deadlines.

Blog ... haha time killed, entries made, smiles around.
Now if people just found my comments on their sites as funny as I do when I write them ... priceless.

Chili ... stupid office rules, we do not eat chili until three. Lunch is at 12 people, not three. At three on a friday I am planning my covert ops to get me out of the office before 5.

XM ... fuckin bastards. Damn weather, cloud cover today means no signal in the office... so I am forced to listen to internet radio, My yahoo playlist is not so good, I need a new radio site.

Friday ... as for today things are starting to shape up nicely. Plus, other than being traumatized while swimming laps this morning(see previous post) I was unexpectantly surprised by my increased stamina in the pool, noticeable difference today. Wasn't suckin wind and water as hard. NICE!!


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