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August 2004

Friday, February 17, 2006


Its the little things, and yes men wear swim caps

This could be one of those posts.. those self defacing long winded why am I not ____ ? But instead I will refer back to a few comical stories, where I once again manage with no help from any one else.. to feel silly.
I guess it starts with the week. It has been a good week. Really busy at work but nice. One of the nicest parts were the two separate comments and congratulations from two unexpected clients. Both noticed my weight loss and said a nice word to me. Well that's the motivation that keeps you going. I am not sure if I liked the fact that they noticed my weight loss and congratulated me or if the simple fact that I realized they have noticed me. So with compliments in hand, I kept to my routine, only taking Tuesday off for a little pity party, a very little one.
Side note: I can't ever get too upset by Valentines day, because they are and have been so many other things to celebrate around that day with loved ones birthdays and my own. So I generally have a little thought to V-day and then move to better times.
So Continuing with my morning workouts, I got to the pool late one morning, had to swim the wall, right under the watchful eye of the young attractive life guard. Nice... I swam a lot more than I should, so now I have been hurting all week. The next silliness came when trying to use a new treadmill. Now these things are not that complicated. I mean the belt goes, you walk. Easy huh? Well this one has a weight sensor built in it. So instead of inputting your weight manually, you step on the sensors and the machine tells you how much you weigh and makes it adjustments itself. The first time I tried, I got on, having just weighed myself in the lockerroom, Step on the sensors and the machine said I weighed 10 less than the scale in the locker room did. I was estactic. I did my little dance. Cranked up my music. Then I realized I was holding the handles while standing on the sensors. Yea I held off 10 lbs. So I reset and got the same weight as the big scale said earlier. But I had a happy moment there.
The final idiocy of the week so far comes this morning.
I do enjoy swimming in the morning. A lot. What I hate is that after three months in the chlorine water, my hair has effectively dried, and now has the greasy dirty dog hair feel to it. Really gross stuff. And based on the family gene pool, my hair is only going to be with for a little longer so I better enjoy it. Well nothing has worked for me in terms of shampoos and conditioners, I have tried different stuff, little tricks... and so I finally broke down and got a swim cap. And yes men wear swim caps. As every mention of thinking of buying and while buying a swim cap, some one has asked me, "Do men wear swim caps" = "Are you gay?" My response is, "Yes, men at the gym wear swim caps", and then I think, "oh god do I go to the gay gym?" I don't know... random thoughts. But I have to say I have never felt so silly in a while, or since Wednesday. But wearing a swim cap did it. I will keep wearing it, see if it works... and I will keep feeling weird. Because honestly it is weird. That little piece of silicon, really removes you from the water and creates separation. Your head is more buoyant, with the cap partially over the ears, the sounds and water is muffled away. It was a strange feeling. One I will need some time to get use too ... Alright.. enough crap for the morning.


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