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August 2004

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gasp of air.
Wheeze, cough, cough

I so wish I was sick, or even if I had the time to be sick, and not have to be sick. Yea. Things are busy. Damn busy.

The days are just cruising by too. Already the end of Feb. is on us.
And yes I turned another year older this last week. Things are beginning to get darker, I don't hear as well, and there are always those strange noise when I get in an out of bed now. I must need a new mattress.

The birthday weekend, celebration was very low key and enjoyable. Was taken out for a nice dinner, treated to home cooking, and taken to see a movie. It was a great weekend. The only bad part was the work that had to be done over the weekend.
Yes, captain lazy is so busy now a days I even took some work home on my birthday weekend.
This weekend, though will be filled with a lot of not moving time. I plan to get a good handle of office stuff before I leave Friday, so I won't worry or stress over the weekend. I am planning on seeing some friends one evening. and other than that, I am going to lay around ... catch up on TV and maybe even read a little.

Amazingly enough, for me the past few weeks of business I have even been able to cram in the reading of a book.
The third Fiest book in the Conclave of Shadows, series. It was okay. Simple story, easy plot, basic characters, and characters he is still using from past trilogies on Midkemia. IT was a filler reading experience. Nothing great but mindless reading and story telling. I did enjoy it. Of course I am still trying to finish book one of the Dark Tower series... just not finding much luck in getting into the story... kind of rambling about 2 guys, one good and one bad. I think I would enjoy watching or listening to a series like this... but for reading it? It is getting a little tiring. Okay back to clearing the piles off the desk while I have a moment.


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