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August 2004

Friday, February 03, 2006


Eric's Real Estate

Condo livin ...

I should get hazard pay for swimming laps this morning. I had to share a lane with a flaying old man. It was rough. I spent more time thinking about dodging his laps when I passed him, then I did counting my laps ... it was rough.

Then I came home to a bowl of chili. Not a whole bowl, just a little to start the morning... since I made an entire pot of this crap to take to work for the great 1st annual chili cook off .... We'll see how I do. I do have to say, since we don't really have any traditional "family" receipe except for a white chili, and I had no desire to make noodles... I went for a whole new receipe. Yea it is not that good. I think I am going to come in last place, then have an entire pot of chili I will have to eat this weekend. Oh well... superbowl right.... chili .... it all works.


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