Stepping Stones

August 2004

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Cheap here and there.
Man... my email has been pounded lately by the travel updates for cheap tickets. Unfortuntely the current fundage in the account, won't let me go. Plus planning an upcoming trip I am looking for the best deal there too... the shitty part was, I got on a month ago and searched for tickets and saw a price of 215.00, not too bad, but I decided to see if it would fall over the next few months and get a little under 200. Apparently when I checked... that was the low fare and everything now is up in the 300's .... I'm good at being an idiot some times. Should of just bought it at the price I was willing to pay instead of gambling on a maybe ... oh well, fly or drive I will get there. Flying would have been more conducive to my laziness and like of being chauffuered around.

Home James and through the park.

A little respit for today. All the bosses are in a pow wow, so I got a little bit of a pass. I should be catching up on another deadline, which I will start again in a minute... but there is always room for blogger ... just like jello.


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