Stepping Stones

August 2004

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So there was this horse

I was atop the high horse. Sitting pretty, feelin good. Then I got the bad news. Monday showed up. They say never go to bed angry... well they say that to couples. I get it. It is not about going to bed angry that night, going to bed angry occasionally, probably isn't a bad thing, aside from the flaying REM sleep and nightmares, but other than that, it is the whole going to bed angry night after night... the habit it creates. Not one night, it is night after night, after night. Because then your always angry... well I figured it out because I dropped my routine on Thursday, then Friday, then Saturday at a weekend with my aunt and uncle(lots of fried stuff and not much moving)... then Monday rolled in and I stood on that scale... I broke the horse. DAMN that horse !! Why did I sit so high. The fall hurt and the dead horse on top to boot. So Monday rolled in, aside from my personal problems....The deadlines started rolling in; last week, last job, the next job, a new job, a different job, this job that job. The water line is right at the top of our heads, if we can only make it until Friday, all will be fine... but Friday is a long way away at this point. And there is a lot of time for all the deadlines left, plus trying to climb onto a new horse.


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