Stepping Stones

August 2004

Monday, January 02, 2006

So, damn warm here today. I mean come-on. Alabama gets like 3 months of winter as it is, and there isn't even snow. Maybe a day of ice every now and then... but mainly just some cold air blowing around for three months. And today, High of 75.
I only get 3 months of cold air as it is. Cold, I like the cold, but here it is 75 and sunny. As if I am suppose to go outside and enjoy the weather or something. So I guess I will have to spend some of today sitting outside. Luckily I am headed somewhere with a patio shortly, so that will fill the need.
Otherwise, I have started the new year on this blog with a little change to the layout, added pictures to go along with the daily posts. Cleared the archives up and reset the reading lists for th new year. After starting the pictures in flickr. I am a little more excited. Going through the home photos I found a couple of really good stories that I think I had almost forgotten. So I have some more self depricating humor for the new year, plus whatever other stupid things I manage to do this year. Woo hoo 2006!!


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