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August 2004

Monday, January 09, 2006


Short Bus Minute

Some numbers just do not add up.
Like any number that appears in my checking account. For whatever reason, no matter how good intentioned I am about keeping a checking account registry and marking down reciepts and purchases, when it comes to the checking of the balance against the bank, I am always way off. I get frustrated, worried about the next possible NSF charge, I go back and poor over my records, do the comparisons and sure enough, I have always forgotten something, some check, some forgotten a purchase, something and have to suck it up on PB&J's until I can afford the store again.
Then there are these moments that keep haunting me at the gym.
The gym I use has a sign up wall for the cardio machines, limited machines, lots of people, = you have to sign up for a time. Now the first time I got busted on machine for not signing up and subsequently kicked off, I didn't mind so much, I didn't follow the rules, no running in place. Okay I got it. The next three times it happened because I forgot to sign up for more than one 15 minute increment or forgot to sign up for the right time, or right machine... though everything is labeled , and easy to read and there is a clock right there = I am forever a short bus passenger. I like to think I err at the gym becasue it is so just early in the morning. But really, I can be a big ole dork on any occassion. Heres to looking at getting kicked off a treadmill soon.

In support of a friend, who just happens to be snowed in, in CO right now.... How I wish I was there.


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