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August 2004

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I have it.
Yup, its just that I don't click locks, I don't wash my hands many times in a row. For me, its laziness, I am an Obsevively Complusive lazy person. I have OCD laziness.

On top of my laziness, I also tend to have long brillant rants with myself (usually while driving), with absolutely no ability to remeber the rant or what it was about, when I sit down in front of the computer. My brillance is fleeting.

Specifically on a slow boat to China. Gone for a while, but hopefully it will be back one day.
I have it on good authority that along with my brillance booking pasage on that ship, so did all the time I had last week. It was just insane. Busy, insane week. This one has not shaped up much better. But hey I do have a few moments to play with the blog, which is always nice.
The worst part of the week, other than falling behind on a few projects that I wish to do very good on ... was the loss in a last soccer game this week. Yup we lost. Not badly, it was 11-7 and they used a lot of ringers on their team. They took some of the best players from other teams and used them as their subs. Not cool. But very legal. That and they made some amazing shots on goal. So 2 weeks, the playoffs start, we have a chance to prove ourselves.



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