Stepping Stones

August 2004

Friday, January 06, 2006

Now today feels like winter in Alabama. Cold and overcast/ rainy. Just a good nasty day. But can a day really be that bad, even if its a Friday?
Since I moved into my new apartment, this is the first place I have ever lived that has gas heat. gas water heater and a gas stove. So when I got my gas bill last month, I had a double take. I was astounded at the price. Of course the electric bill came next and was nice and low as it always is. But that gas bill. OUCH!!
To combat this gas price, I bought something I never imagined I would, an electric blanket. This way I can turn the heat off at night while I sleep and have it off during the day while I work, so it is only on for a couple hours each evening.
The electric blanket is a miracle. It is so nice. Queen size to fit, dual settings if I wanted... plus and automatic shutoff after 10 hrs. So a little preheat before bed and then a long night of being warm and cozy. I do love the electric blanket. Now the only problem I have is a true lack of desire to get out of bed. I'll work on that next week.

Here is a photo of a nice fall day I remember.


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