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August 2004

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


New Way

Somedays it is just about coming up with a new way to do things. Driving the different way home, putting on your clothes different in the morning, the change in the routine that shakes things up.
Well for every game I have played with my soccer team I have consistently found at least one way throughout the game to embaress myself not only in front of my team but the opposing team and specatators as well. This week was no different. How I did it was.
The first few games were fairly simple to accomplish. Being so out of shape and accorinding to this stupid BMI charts, obese. It was easy to let my natural lack of athletic ability hurl myself around the field, falling, juked out of my shorts and the like. Lat week things came togther for me and no more falling, I have been working out and losing weight and amazingly now, when I back peddle and charge while on defense, I can stay up with what my feet are trying to do. No falling. So last week I demonstrated my lack of height and comical jumping ability trying to retrieve an out of bounds ball. That was a nice chuckle for both teams. This week, while truly one of the funniest momnets in my weekly soccer trial, not so unpainful.
I mean I was doing just what I was suppose to playing the man, defending well. I had gotten in front of a few shots on goals and made some deflections with my legs while even getting a few stops and a couple of take aways. Though as I stood there, less than 10 feet from opponent, I had no idea how fast a soccer ball could move. I mean I saw his leg wind up, I knew I was in one on one defense, just me him and my goal. I put myself in front of the shot. And next thing I know I hear the collective .... OOOOOOOOOHHH from either bench as I watch the ball recochet up the field off my balls. My balls made and incredible stop. At this point I wasn't in any mood to congratulate them, as I only could think that my children were going to born with limps, and yea I was going to need to sub out for a minut or two... or the rest of the half. So I made a few jokes, it was very funny if you weren't me or my balls at that moment. The ref even came up at half and said they found an extra ball on the field. I replied it was to be my son little ben and just let him pass on quielty .... The thing was I got into the exact situation 6 minutes into the third and sure enough this time my balls managed to get out of the way. So of course I joked with the same kicker of said passes, that him and my balls were not friends and please stop passing to them. It hurts.
All in all though we played great. We stuck with the defending champs of the league very well, the defending champs whos team included not only the owner of the place but also UAB's mens soccer coach. We were winning for a lot of the game, but gave up to experience and fatigue in the end losing 10-7. One more game to go and then on to the playoffs.... which by default of the size of the league we get to play in. So we still have chance, there is always a chance.


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