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August 2004

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Gym Mirrors Suck!

Some days are just tougher to cope with than others, and this is one of those days for me. I feel like total crap, beat up, tired, embaressed and after that oh so great profile shot of myself in a gym mirror... discouraged. Some days just suck. But still I got through the workout, and am here at work, to put in a full day and maybe make some good progress. For my reward, a steak that is currently marinating, just waiting for dinner with a little wine and a sweet potatoe as I get to sit and watch, what will hopefully be a great football game tonight. So eight hours to get something done and make something positive out of the day.
On the other side of the coin. We are no longer complete losers in soccer. It finally came together last night with a 10-3 win. And I didn't even fall down last night. First time yet. I broke the streak. Of course that didn't stop me from finding a way to embarress myself last night as I was able to demonstrate my lack of jumping skills while ball got stuck in the nets rather high, and a simple jump up and knock it down, proved I don't even have a 2" vertical. A few chuckles and a tall guy coming over to retrieve the ball and soon we were playing again. So I guess I won't be playing in the NBA next season, but then again I wouldn't want to be hampered down by the "man" and his dress code.

Colorado has been on my mind lately, so heres a pic I took of a mountain lake up above Vail, where my friend was married a few years back. Which was also the last time I have played my horn for someone as she asked me and a few others to preform in a brass quintet for the ceremonies and some pieces to keep the guests calm. It was a great wedding.


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